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Mission & Purpose, Excepts from the CCCA Education Foundation Bylaws



         The Foundation shall have such charitable and educational purposes as are now or may hereafter be set forth in the Articles of Incorporation as follows:


Promote educational efforts related to the study, research, and dissemination of information related to Full Classic® automobiles that would be of interest to the general public, with particular emphasis on youth, in order to preserve the legacy of these great automobiles for future generations.  


This mission statement shall find fruition through the development of a Virtual Library, creating and fostering curriculum, educational materials, marketing, and scholarship support to enable current and future generations to own, maintain, operate, and restore Full Classic® automobiles.






         Committees may not act on behalf of the Foundation or bind the Foundation to any action.  Rather, these committees shall generally be responsible for investigation, reporting, and advising the Board on certain activities and programs as well as making recommendations to the Board of Directors or officers for approval.  For purposes of clarity to the public, committees without corporate authority should be identified as advisory boards, commissions, task forces, or similar names.  These committees may be composed of persons appointed by the Board of Directors for specific skills and need not be directors or officers of the Foundation.




         The Foundation shall have standing committees.  The term of office for all standing committee members shall be one (1) year beginning each year at the annual meeting of the Board unless specifically designated otherwise in the resolution appointing the committee member(s).  Each committee shall have at least one Foundation director sitting as a committee member, who shall act as chairperson of the committee.   When two directors are present, the other director will serve as committee secretary.  On each standing committee there shall be a minimum of three appointed non-directors to each standing committee who are members in good standing of the Classic Car Club of America. 


The organization shall have the following standing committees:


Virtual Library Committee: 


            The committee purpose shall be to create, build, and maintain an internet-based library website encompassing all of the marques that have been identified as “Full Classics” by the Classic Club of America and new ones as approved through study.  Each section should contain written resources identifying why it is considered a “Full Classic”, its history, its engineering and architectural merits, operating manuals, body manuals, shop manuals, part resources, photos, and a YOUTUBE or video of the marque and where one could see an example of the car.   There shall be links to partner clubs, libraries, museums, and other educational resources related to the marque and vice versa when appropriate.   We expect that people searching the internet for information on a specific marque would be directed to the CCCA Educational Foundation website.

         One member of the Virtual Library Committee shall be a representative of the Classic Car Club of America’s Board of Directors’ Technical Services Committee.  


Higher Education and Vocational Development Committee:  


The committee focus shall be to provide scholarship and curriculum support to students seeking to further their demonstrated skills in the care and maintenance of Full Classic® automobiles.

The committee shall partner with colleges and other centers of automotive learning to underwrite and facilitate a curriculum supporting the development of demonstrated skills sets in the care, maintenance, and restoration of “Full Classic” automobiles.    Partnerships shall be built with appropriate educational institutions to develop and provide a curriculum that would fulfill the mission of the CCCA Educational Foundation.    Scholarship incentives shall be developed to fill these classes with motivated students. 


The Foundation shall seek to provide the necessary scholarship assistance or to create through industry partnerships the opportunity for students to work off tuition debt while serving in approved shops and programs. 


Ultimately, its goal shall be to facilitate a cottage industry of highly-trained persons who have the skill sets to educate the public about “Full Classic” automobiles, as well as possessing the skills required to care for and maintain them.



Public Seminar and Program Committee:   


The committee focus shall be to cultivate, create, and promote seminars and educational events on the history, care, and maintenance of Full Classic® automobiles.

These would be held in conjunction with Classic Car Club of America Grand Classic Car Shows, CARavans, and Exhibition events, as well as offering seminars on Full Classic® automobiles at large car shows, meets, and Concours.



Publications, Website, Social Media Committee:


The committee focus shall be to further the Educational Foundation’s mission in periodicals and magazines that are conducive to supporting the Foundation’s mandate to promote and educate the public about Full Classic® automobiles.    It should partner with the Classic Car Club of America in the distribution of hard copies of The Classic Car magazine to schools, libraries, and mediums conducive to promoting the mission of the Educational Foundation

It shall produce Educational Foundation materials and an Endowment Brochure and Prospectus. 

It shall maintain a Website promoting the mission of the Educational Foundation.

It shall maintain an ongoing Social Media presence, i.e., Facebook, Constant Contact, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with members of the Classic Car Club of America, while also seeking a larger audience promoting Full Classic® automobiles.


Marketing Committee: 


Committee members shall have demonstrated experience in marketing, promotion, and advertising.  One member of the Marketing Committee shall be a representative of the Classic Car Club of America’s Board of Directors’ Membership Committee.  Committee focus shall be to promote every Classic Car Club of America Grand Classic and Caravan as an educational event for the public at large and facilitate the public’s exposure to Full Classic® automobiles.

This shall be achieved through media advertising, Full Classic® automobile displays, and providing educational materials to promote the mission of the CCCA Educational Foundation.

The committee shall seek to promote Full Classic® automobiles in automobile publications, automobile events, media advertising applications, and educational forums and formats wherever prudently possible.

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