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Classic Car Club of America

The Classic Car Club of America is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and enjoyment of the world's finest automobiles.


Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) members enjoy outstanding publications, unequalled fellowship, long-lasting friendships, opportunities to show their cars, dive Full Classic® on CARavans and admire other members classic automobiles.

Why The CCCA Defines Classics As They Do

Usually the cars recognized as “CCCA Classics” were built in limited production numbers, usually with a custom body, powerful engines and were quite expensive when new.

As a group, they represent the pinnacle of engineering, styling and design for their era.

While it is desirable to have a sincere interest in these fine automobiles, it is not a requirement to own a CCCA Classic to enjoy membership in the Club.



The CCCA Museum

The mission statement of the Classic Car Club of America Museum, Inc., is to preserve and display classic automobiles (as defined by the Classic Car Club of America) and related materials, to encourage public interest in the design, manufacture, and use of those automobiles, to explain their importance to automobile history, to erect, equip and maintain museum buildings, a library and research center to house the Museum’s collection, and to educate others about the Classic Car era.

Through the years, the museum has undergone numerous additions. A few years ago it became obvious the Museum had outgrown itself. Again, friends stepped forward to help grow to 40,000 sq. ft. With this new addition, there is new space to beautifully display our cars and tell the story of the Classic Era.


We endeavor to promote educational efforts pertaining to the study, research and dissemination of information related to Full Classic® automobiles for the public at large and to otherwise preserve and advance the legacy of these extraordinary automobiles through publications and programming for the enduring benefit of future generations.


To learn more about our Foundation's
Purpose & Mission, click here.

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