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The CCCA Educational Foundation News 

The Classic Car Club of America Educational Foundation is active in CCCA and CCCA Museum events to support the efforts of these great organizations. Below you will find information on upend coming events as well a past events.


Learn About The 2024 Ohio CCCA Mini-CARavan & Grand Concours in Salem

Learn About The 2024 Ohio CCCA Grand Classic & Tour in Dayton

Learn About The 2018 CCCA Blue Ridge Parkway CARavan

Members of the CCCA participate with Full Classic® cars on CARavans and Grand Classic events across the country each year. These events are for are for Full Classic® Cars and those who love to drive them.


Members and friends who participated in these event enjoy visiting historic sites and camaraderie on CARavan or share knowledge while they compete in judged Grand Classic events held by the CCCA regions. The CCCA Museum holds The Experience each year the first weekend of June and holds the distinction of being one of the oldest annual Full Classic® events in the country. 

For more information about the Education Foundation or other events like this, please contact Jim Cowin at 740-680-2370.


We endeavor to promote educational efforts pertaining to the study, research and dissemination of information related to Full Classic® automobiles for the public at large and to otherwise preserve and advance the legacy of these extraordinary automobiles through publications and programming for the enduring benefit of future generations.


To learn more about our Foundation's
Purpose & Mission, click here.

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