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CCCA Blue Ridge Parkway CARavan


Roaming the Ridge... Riding the Sky to Benefit The Education Foundation


Members of the Classic Car Club of America had a great time helping the CCCA Education Foundation by participating in the Blue Ridge CARavan. The proceeds from this event benefited the Education Foundation.

Members of the CCCA drove Full Classic® cars on the Blue Ridge Parkway CARavan that was an historic, presidential, gilded age adventure that happened May 2-12, 2018. 


Members and friends who participated in the CARavan visited Monticello, Montpelier, The Biltmore, Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge, The Skyline Drive, Museums, Car Collections and More during the 10-day the tour.

This was a Classic Tour for Full Classic Cars and those who love to drive them — was also limited to the first 70 cars registered.

For more information about the Education Foundation or other events like this, please contact Jim Cowin at 740-680-2370.

Bluerige Caranan.jpeg


We endeavor to promote educational efforts pertaining to the study, research and dissemination of information related to Full Classic® automobiles for the public at large and to otherwise preserve and advance the legacy of these extraordinary automobiles through publications and programming for the enduring benefit of future generations.


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