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Types of Gifts

Giving Opportunities

The CCCA Education Foundation is dedicated exclusively to highlighting the Classic Era and the coach-built automobile industry with emphasis on the significant Full Classic® automobiles as the unifying theme.

The CCCA Education Foundation will foster education, fascination and inspiration to preserve the legacy of the Classic Era and the Full Classic® automobile. It can also provide a lasting legacy for you. There are a variety of naming, memorial or commemorative opportunities available.

Here a few ways you can provide your support to the CCCA Education Foundation:

Planned Giving Types

There are several methods of giving to the CCCA Education Foundation. Your gift in any of the following forms will be sincerely appreciated and carefully used.

  • Cash or Securities

  • Multiyear Pledge up to Five Years

  • Planned or Deferred Giving as Part of Your Estate Planning

  • Memorial or Commemorative Gifts

  • Literature & Memorabilia* 

  • Vehicles* 

* For more information on Donating Literature, Memorabilia and Vehicles

  Please contact the CCCA Education Foundation.

Levels of Giving

The following categories have been established for levels of giving:

  • Founders – Over $200,000

  • Sponsors – $100,000-$200,000

  • Patrons – $50,000-$100,000

  • Benefactors – $25,000-$50,000

  • Subscribers – $10,000-$25,000

  • Advocates – $5,000-$10,000

  • Friends – $1,000-$5,000

  • Supporters – $100-$1,000 

* To learn more about philanthropic gifts or other Levels of Giving Opportunities

   Please contact the CCCA Education Foundation.

Naming Opportunities

A variety of Naming Opportunities have been created and are available with the option to be payable over five years if desired for the following:

  • Named Major Events Fund – $50,000

  • Named Exhibits and Show Fund – $25,000

  • Full Classic® Marque Show Fund – $15,000

  • Full Classic® Publishing Fund – $15,000 

  • Full Classic® Technical Education Fund – $10,000

  • Full Classic® Collection Fund – $10,000

  • Full Classic® Research Fund – $5,000 

  • Education & Scholarship Fund – $5,000

  • Facilities Planning Fund – $5,000

  • Facilities Construction Fund – $5,000

  • Facilities Maintenance Fund – $5,000

  • Ongoing Collections Fund – $1,000

  • Ongoing Collections Maintenance Fund – At your discretion

  • Emerging Opportunities Fund – At your discretion

  • Endowment Fund – At your discretion 

* For more information on the Naming Opportunities

  Please contact the CCCA Education Foundation.

Memorial Funds

Memorial naming opportunities and recognition for both the memorialized individual and the donor are available though the CCCA Education Foundation. All memorial contributions in excess of $500 will be acknowledged on the website and the Annual Report; memorial gifts are also eligible for naming opportunities. Funds may also be pooled to allow significant elements of the CCCA Education Foundation Fund to be identified as part of a memorial.

Now is the time for your involvement and support of the CCCA Education Foundation.

Show Your Commitment With A Donation To The CCCA Education Foundation.


We endeavor to promote educational efforts pertaining to the study, research and dissemination of information related to Full Classic® automobiles for the public at large and to otherwise preserve and advance the legacy of these extraordinary automobiles through publications and programming for the enduring benefit of future generations.


To learn more about our Foundation's
Purpose & Mission, click here.

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