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The Classic Car Knowledge Base

The information gathered in the Explore Section allows you to delve into both the beauty and the technical knowledge currently available to learn more about what is defined as Approved Full Classic Cars® by the Classic Car Club of America.

The passion for distinctive “Classic Era” cars drove the founding of the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA). Along with the thrill of driving and owning the greatest coach-built automobiles ever built – learning and keeping the history of the Full Classic® alive fuel that passion. It is with this inspiration that the Classic Car Club of America Educational Foundation was conceived.

We are very excited to launch the Classic Car Club of America Educational Foundation's collection of technical information and photos of the Full Classic® cars. The foundation is built on donations, gifts and grants to grow an endowment to fund education and marketing programs to build awareness of the “Classic Era” of automobiles for the future.

The technical information and the photography that can be found on following pages is but one example of our work in progress, to fulfill our mission to share knowledge about these Great coach-built automobiles. We invite you to Explore The Full Classic® cars: Learn More

If you would like to share photographs of your Full Classic® or have literature we can post for everyone to enjoy, please contact  the foundation to learn how you can be part of the Classic Car Club of America Educational Foundation's collection. 

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